Scannable Surveys

Scannable Surveys are surveys that are printed on special paper so that a machine can scan them after a respondent has completed the survey.
Printed surveys are a relatively inexpensive method of surveying large groups of people without the disadvantages of phone or internet surveys. So long as care is taken when compiling the distribution list, a mail survey can accurately represent the general population. Given a clear and concise survey, respondents may take their time in answering the survey questions and usually give their answers considerable thought.

Printed surveys only have only one significant disadvantage. If the intended audience is dispersed (such as when you want to survey your customers as opposed to your employees), you will need to distribute your surveys to the respondents, usually via US mail. Compared to internet and telephone surveys, mailed surveys are slow. After the survey is designed, it takes longer to distribute the surveys to the respondents since the surveys have to be printed and mailed. However, this method will reach a representative sample of the population at a relatively inexpensive cost per respondent.

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Electronic Surveys

The fastest and least expensive method to survey large groups of people.

Scannable Surveys

Relatively inexpensive method to survey large groups of people.

Phone Surveys

Relatively expensive, but very configurable, method to survey people

Focus Groups

Best used in initial and final stages of a project.