Focus Groups

Focus groups are usually intended to provided qualitative information.  They are typically used either at the beginning or the end of a project.  At the preliminary stage of a project, focus groups can provide invaluable guidance on the current perceptions of a stakeholder group.  If an organization has a general idea of a problem that needs to be solved, or a possible market opportunity, but does not yet know enough to create specific questions for a survey, a well-run focus group can help an organization better understand the needs and perspective of their stakeholders so they can craft a viable solution.

Focus groups are also useful at the end of a project as a reality check before a product is launched or a change is implemented.  Stakeholders needs change over time and the longer a project has been underway, the more important a reality check becomes before committing to an expensive product launch or organizational change.

Heartland Market Research LLC can work with you to obtain the stakeholder information you need to help you make well informed decisions.

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Electronic Surveys

The fastest and least expensive method to survey large groups of people.

Scannable Surveys

Relatively inexpensive method to survey large groups of people.

Phone Surveys

Relatively expensive, but very configurable, method to survey people

Focus Groups

Best used in initial and final stages of a project.