Market Research

We specialize in electronic and scannable surveys where the respondents complete their own, carefully crafted, survey. Not only does this allow us to charge you less because we do not need to employ people for data entry, it allows us to provide better service. By designing our process so that a third-party does not need to physically enter the data, we eliminate the possibility of introducing third-party error. Our process is also much quicker. With machines to tabulate the data, we can quickly provide you with topline results and immediately start to work on analyzing the data for you.

We also have expertise in phone surveys and focus groups.

Heartland Market Research LLC can help you understand the trade-offs between various survey options so you can make an informed decision. We will also be glad to explain why we recommend against phone surveys except in special situations.

More Information

Research Specialties

Electronic Surveys

The fastest and least expensive method to survey large groups of people.

Scannable Surveys

Relatively inexpensive method to survey large groups of people.

Phone Surveys

Relatively expensive, but very configurable, method to survey people

Focus Groups

Best used in initial and final stages of a project.