Mail Management

Heartland Market Research LLC can manage all your mail marketing needs so you can concentrate on adding value to your organization. Over the years we have become quite experienced at working with the US Postal Service. Many small organizations lack the experience or simply the volume to exploit the discounts offered by USPS for mass mailings.

We can help you with outgoing campaigns such as printed newsletters, invoices, bills, any anything else you care to send your stakeholders. We can also assist you with incoming mail. If it is taking too much of your organization's time and effort to handle incoming mail, ask us for a quote. Our experienced mail handlers can open mail, tally payments, receive payments, and otherwise handle the tedious parts of your business so your organization can spend time on the factors important to your success.

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We can help you advertise on the internet when and where people are searching for an organization like you.

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The least expensive method to advertise and maintain a relationship with people.

Mail Management

We can help you save money with your mailings and show you how to use the mail to make your organization more effective.