Email Management

Heartland Market Research LLC can manage all your email marketing needs so you can concentrate on adding value to your organization. Email is the least expensive method to maintain a relationship with your stakeholders, but most organizations do not have an effective email marketing process. We can help you develop and run a very sophisticated email marketing campaign. Let Heartland Market Research LLC help you put the power of email to work for you.

Research indicates that the effectiveness (usually measured in response rate) of an email message is much higher if the body actually addresses them by their first name. We can manage a database for you that will personalize each email message.

One of the most important factors in a stakeholder relationship is trust. By starting your own newsletter, you are establishing your email message as a reliable source of information. This will help your stakeholders build up their trust in you. We can create a newsletter subscription form on your existing website so new stakeholders can add themselves to your distribution list.

Firms operating inside the United States must comply with strict email laws to avoid spamming people. Heartland Market Research LLC will ensure that your email marketing campaigns comply with these laws so you can focus on the needs of your organization and stakeholders.

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We can help you advertise on the internet when and where people are searching for an organization like you.

Email Management

The least expensive method to advertise and maintain a relationship with people.

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We can help you save money with your mailings and show you how to use the mail to make your organization more effective.